20 Retirement Decisions: Chapter 4 - More Life than Money

How much can I safely withdraw from my portfolio?
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Some Financial Planning points of emphasis in the chapter:
The Withdrawal Myth - If you invest 100 percent of your retirement portfolio in stocks, it seems that you should be able to withdraw any amount less than 10 percent and never dip into your principal. It sounds so simple it must be effective, right? Well, as many inexperienced financial advisors and their clients have found, this approach can lead to disastrous results.
The 4 Methods - There are all sorts of strategies and theories out there on how to determine a safe withdrawal rate. You have probably already heard some, especially if you’ve sought advice from financial planners. We have boiled them down to the four most common methods.
Be Conservative - Determining a safe withdrawal rate will help you avoid every retiree’s worst nightmare—the premature exhaustion of portfolio assets during retirement
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