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Supporting Loved Ones: Your Source for Financial Guidance

By Net Worth Advisory Group

In recent years, our world has experienced greater levels of uncertainty. Unexpected global events have left a mark on our economy, leading to heightened concerns about what lies ahead. A strong financial plan is something that can help you feel stable and in control when the circumstances around you are unpredictable.

As our valued client, you’ve recognized the importance of this; with an established financial plan, we hope you're no longer vulnerable to sleepless nights created by alarming headlines about inflation or impending economic downturns. Although life continues to be uncertain, collaborating with a reliable financial advisor to craft a road map for your future helps you know your finances are prepared to mitigate any impact of global events. As you think about the ways your plan has served you, we’d like to ask: Can you think of someone in your circle who might find the same kind of value in a partnership like this?

A Solid Support System

Maybe you haven’t been greatly impacted by the events of the past couple of years, at least not financially. That’s great! Many people have found new opportunities and even prospered through these challenging times. But even if you’re doing well and feel that your finances are stable, it’s still important to work with an advisor you can trust who will be part of a solid support system as you navigate your financial plan. At Net Worth Advisory Group, our job is to help you live life to the fullest by helping you make wise decisions about your financial plan. When life changes happen or you just have financial questions, you can always count on us. Do your friends, family, and coworkers have this same kind of support system?

A Trusted Professional 

That’s why we’d like to remind you that we’re here—not just for you, but also for your friends and family. We place the utmost value on our clients, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the important people in their lives as well. We gladly welcome the chance to connect with and get to know new clients who may need the services we provide

We believe the best way to accomplish your goals is to partner with a trusted professional who can create a financial plan tailored to your unique needs and provide goal-oriented advice to help you live your best life.

We Are Here to Help You Reach Your Goals

Our Net Worth Advisory Group team has a genuine passion for assisting clients like yourself, and we’re always looking to extend our help to a broader audience. Do you happen to know someone who could use support from our experienced team in their financial journey? Or perhaps you know someone seeking a committed advisor to help them stick to their financial goals? 

We invite them to get in touch with us today by reaching out to your advisor directly to schedule a complimentary consultation. This no-obligation consultation will help to see if we are a good fit to help them pursue their goals. To learn more, visit our website.

About Net Worth Advisory Group

Founded in 2003, Net Worth Advisory Group is an independent, fee-only, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and investment advisory firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in helping people transition from the workplace into retirement and ensuring that those who are already retired will not outlive their nest egg. Our top priority is to have clients experience a greater sense of ease with diligent, personalized wealth care and the implementation of customized financial plans and ongoing personalized asset management. We equip all clients with a comprehensive financial plan, meeting every six months to update as needed and review investment performance. Our team is passionate about providing comprehensive financial planning with the fee-only model, and we love feeling like we’re making a difference in our clients’ financial lives.

As a NAPFA-registered fee-only advisory firm, our recommendations are untainted by a hidden agenda to sell financial products paying large commissions. Unlike our competitors at brokerage firms, insurance companies, and banks, we are compensated solely by our clients, so we are financially motivated to provide objective advice that is always in our clients’ best interests. Anyone can call himself or herself a financial planner, but only an advisor with the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation has met the education, examination, experience, and ethical requirements mandated by the CFP® board. According to the CFP Board, there are 97,000+ CFP® professionals in 2023, representing about 1 in 3 financial advisors in the U.S. Net Worth advisors are also members of NAPFA, which only has about 4,600 advisors, and are either CFP® professionals or CFP® professionals in training.

Net Worth Advisory Group’s mission is to significantly improve the lives of our clients by delivering exemplary financial planning and wealth management advice that enables them to live the lives they have imagined.

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